Corrosion technology 20Encyclopedia of Corrosion Technology [2nd ed., rev. and expanded]9780824748784, 0-8247-4878-6

Author : Philip A. Schweitzer P.E.
Description:Clarifying types of corrosion and susceptible materials, defining metallurgical and related terminology, and outlining means to prevent and curb corrosion, the Encyclopedia of Corrosion Technology, Second Edition is an up-to-date, innovative presentation of all aspects of corrosionarranging over 400 topics into 25 alphabetical entries for easy navigation. More explanatory than a data book and more user-friendly than a textbook, the Encyclopedia extends coverage into areas of application and factors impacting corrosion protection while furnishing some 300 tables to enhance its written entries.
Categories: Technology industrial equipment and technology
Year :2004
Publisher : M. Dekker
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 669
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