Corrosion TechnologyEnvironmental Effects on Engineered Materials [1ed.]9780824700744, 0824700740

Author : Russell H. Jones
Description:This invaluable reference provides a comprehensive overview of corrosion and environmental effects on metals, intermetallics, glossy metals, ceramics and composites of metals, and ceramics and polymer materials. It surveys numerous options for various applications involving environments and guidance in materials selection and substitution. Exploring a wide range of environments, including aqueous and high-temperature surroundings, Environmental Effects on Engineered Materials examines specific material-environmental interactions; corrosion rates and material limitations; preventive measurements against corrosion; utilization of older materials in recent applications; the use of new materials for existing equipment; and more.
Categories: Biology Ecology
Year :2001
Publisher : CRC Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 519
File Info : pdf 7 Mb