Counterculture Kaleidoscope: Musical and Cultural Perspectives on Late Sixties San Francisco [1ed.]0472115588, 9780472115587

Author : Nadya Zimmerman
"""Description:Forty years after the fact, 1960s counterculture---personified by hippies, protest, and the Summer of Love---basks in a nostalgic glow in the popular imagination as a turning point in modern American history and the end of the age of innocence. Yet, while the era has come to be synonymous with rebellion and opposition, its truth is much more complex.In a bold reconsideration of the late sixties San Francisco counterculture movement, Counterculture Kaleidoscope takes a close look at the cultural and musical practices of that era. Addressing the conventional wisdom that the movement was grounded in rebellion and opposition, the book exposes two myths: first, that the counterculture was an organized social and political movement of progressives with a shared agenda who opposed the mainstream (dubbed ""hippies"")
Categories: Art Music: Guitar
Year :2008
Publisher : University of Michigan Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 240[237]
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