CRC series in contemporary food scienceBread Staling [1ed.]9780849387906, 0-8493-87906

Author : Pavinee Chinachoti, Yael Vodovotz
Description:The role of starch, gluten, lipids, water, and other components in bread staling is a subject of continual study using advanced analytical methodologies and sophisticated multidisciplinary approaches. Significant recent progress has been made in the fundamental understanding of the events leading to bread staling. Bread Staling presents current knowledge from a physico-chemical perspective, with the intent of providing applicable methods to improve product shelf-life and to design new and longer-lasting baked goods. The contributors detail how to solve this food problem by using polymer science, material research, and molecular spectroscopy, which is a new way to approach a centuries-old problem. This approach can aid manufacturers in developing anti-staling formulations for bread and other baked products. The non-traditional areas of research presented in this book, such as the glassy-rubbery transition and its relevance to bread staling, provide crucial information for scientists and engineers.
Categories: Biology Ecology
Year :2001
Publisher : CRC Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 177
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