Cultural Heritage and History in the Metal Scene

Author : Stefan de Klepper, Sophia Molpheta, Simon Pille, Reem Saouma
Description:This paper represents an inquiry on the use of history and cultural heritage in the metal scene. It is an attempt to show how history and cultural heritage can possibly be spread among people using an unconventional way. The followed research method was built on an explorative study that included an analysis of elements of the music, such as lyrics, performance and fashion, together with interviews of bands and people from the metal scene. However, the study focused on five different metal styles in Europe: the early metal (60s and early 70s), The new wave of British heavy metal (around the 80s), the Swedish death metal (90-present), the Norwegian black metal (90-present) and the folk metal (mid 90s-present). The analysis shows that cultural history plays a role in certain styles of metal or particular bands. Especially in Black metal and in the closely related Viking metal, the use of history and cultural heritage is most common. There arebands within these styles that tell stories through their lyrics and express the historical feeling by the overall image and appearances at concerts. The research shows how history and cultural heritage are used by many bands as an inspiration as well as how it can play a role in forming a common identity among fans and musicians
Categories: Art Music
Year :2007
Publisher : Belvedere Educational Network
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 113
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