David Pogue’s Digital Photography: The Missing Manual [1ed.]0596154038, 9780596154035

Author : David Pogue
"""Description:I bought this book based on the many positive reviews on Amazon, and I found it useful with a readable, engaging style. But it is FULL OF MISTAKES that should have been caught before it went into print, and will confuse many readers, especially beginners. This book is way below the standard of excellence set by other books in the Missing Manual series.Here are some examples:Writing about Landscape Mode, the author writes that it sets ""Large Aperture, creating a large depth of field ..."". The fact is that Landscape Mode sets Small aperture, which is what creates a large depth of field. (A Large Aperture actually creates a shallow depth of field.)In discussing Manual Mode, the author wrote ""That's full automatic"", which is just the opposite of the truth.In discussing lenses, he writes ""Telephoto means 'zoom.' "" This is incorrect
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2009
Publisher : Pogue Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 306
File Info : pdf 9 Mb