Designing Embedded Systems with PIC Microcontrollers, Second Edition: Principles and Applications [2ed.]1856177505, 9781856177504

Author : Tim Wilmshurst
Description:I think this is a terrific book ,for anyone trying to get up to speed with Pic's. It makes programming with Assembler and C an achievable goal for most people. I worked my way through this book from start to finish and enjoyed every page. I built the the ping-pong and Derbot which helped me gain a better understanding of the code and the chips. I found the introduction to MPLAB IDE to be of great value to me as debugging doesn't really change through the range of Pic,s. The book takes you from a small Pic 16f84a all the way up to 18xxxx Pic,s.By the time you are done with these there,s a nice overview of whats next. I am now on De Jasio's Pic32 book,and It was not such a giant leap to get going with these pics as I am now pretty familiar with MPLAB and the basic Pic mindset. In my opinion it is a good beginners course, after which you can complete your project or start the next level with confidence.
Categories: Technology Electronics: Microprocessor Technology
Year :2009
Publisher : Newnes
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 651
File Info : pdf 42 Mb