Designing Our Descendants. The Promises and Perils of Genetic Modifications0801872316, 9780801872310, 9780801881299

Author : Audrey R. Chapman, Mark S. Frankel
"""Description:The Human Genome Project, discoveries in molecular biology, and new reproductive technologies have advanced our understanding of how genetic science may be used to treat persons with genetic disorders. Greater knowledge may also make possible genetic interventions to ""enhance"" normal human characteristics, such as height, hair or eye color, strength, or memory, as well as the transmittal of such modifications to future generations. The prospect of inheritable genetic modifications, or IGMs, whether for therapeutic or enhancement purposes, raises complex scientific, ethical, and regulatory issues. Designing Our Descendants presents twenty essays by physicians, scientists, philosophers, theologians, lawyers, and policy analysts addressing these issues from diverse perspectives. In three sections, the authors discuss the short- and long-term scientific feasibility of IGM technology
Categories: Biology Genetics
Year :2003
Publisher : The Johns Hopkins University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 385
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