Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion.VOLUME 2: Fads to Nylon

Author : Valerie Steele.
Description:Thomson Gale, 2005. 471 p.The Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion is the product of a new, multidisciplinary field ofinquiry and an extraordinary international collaboration. The emerging field of fashionstudies, sometimes known as the new fashion history, differs significantly from traditionaldress history, which tended to focus on the stylistic analysis of elite fashions. Bycontrast, contemporary fashion studies asks new questions, approaches a much wider rangeof topics, and draws on the expertise of scholars across the disciplines. Whereas traditionalfashion reference books tend to be limited to an alphabetical survey of individualdesigners, this encyclopedia seeks to provide critical insights into the history and contemporaryexperience of clothing and fashion. By identifying the worlds preeminent authorities,and by approaching the subject with a global focus and an interdisciplinaryperspective, the editorial board of The Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion aims to providethe interested reader with an authoritative introduction to the wide range of issues thatdefine the field. These issues include Eurocentrism vs. multiculturalism; gender and sexualidentity; the relationship between fashion and other cultural manifestations, such asmusic; theories of fashion; clothing and material culture; and the fashion system, encompassingthe design, manufacture, marketing, and representation of fashion. The editors ofthe encyclopedia, whose expertise spans a wide range of disciplines, subject matter, andgeographical areas, have enlisted over 325 authors in an international survey of clothing,fashion, and related subjects from prehistoric times to the present.
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