Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms [1ed.]1402007280, 9781402007286, 9780306480256

Author : KB Taylor (Author)
Description:Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms takes the reader through the experimental techniques and the logic by which the mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions can be elucidated by the results of steady-state kinetics and related experiments. It is meant to make these investigations both satisfying and effective. In distinction to other available descriptions, the descriptions in enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms are limited to more commonly utilized and useful models and techniques. The logic relating the chemical models to the mathematical models and the logic of relating the mathematical models to data is presented in rather concise text, figures and equations. The development of mathematical models from chemical models is done by a unique algorithm that is both simple and quick, and the same concept are utilized to develop models for the effects of a variety of reaction conditions on the initial velocity. In addition, the various relationships of data, mathematical models and the chemical models is illustrated with examples from the scientific literature. Enzyme Kinetics and Mechanisms is intended for research workers, graduate students, post doctoral associates, and faculty in biochemistry and molecular biology who are interested in the techniques and logic by which mechanisms of enzymes-catalyzed reactions can be elucidated by investigation of steady-state kinetic experiments.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :2002
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