Europa Militaria 14Red Army Uniforms of World War II9781872004594, 1872004598

Author : Anton Shalito, Ilya Savchenkov
Description:The opening of the former Soviet Union to the West over the past three years has made accessible, for the first time, much new material on the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War - the huge and varied forces which won some of the greatest battles of World War II against the German invasion. This book contains a range of rare, authentic uniforms modelled and photographed in Moscow: tank commanders and generals, assault infantry and women medics, pilots and NKVD security officers, artillerymen, camouflaged scouts, and many more. The photographs are backed-up by close-ups of insignia and personal equipment.
Categories: History Military History
Year :1993
Publisher : Osprey, Concord, Windrow & Greene
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 65
File Info : pdf 13 Mb