EXS 82Evolutionary Ecology of Freshwater Animals: Concepts and Case Studies [1ed.]978-3-0348-9812-6, 978-3-0348-8880-6

Author : M. A. Leibold, A. J. Tessier (auth.), Prof. Dr. Bruno Streit, Dr. Thomas Stdler, Dr. Curtis M. Lively (eds.)
Description:Evolutionary ecology includes aspects of community structure, trophic interactions, life-history tactics, and reproductive modes, analyzed from an evolutionary perspective. Freshwater environments often impose spatial structure on populations, e.g. within large lakes or among habitat patches, facilitating genetic and phenotypic divergence. Traditionally, freshwater systems have featured prominently in ecological research and population biology.This book brings together information on diverse freshwater taxa, with a mix of critical review, synthesis, and case studies. Using examples from bryozoans, rotifers, cladocerans, molluscs, teleosts and others, the authors cover current conceptual issues of evolutionary ecology in considerable depth.The book can serve as a source of critically evaluated ideas, detailed case studies, and open problems in the field of evolutionary ecology. It is recommended for students and researchers in ecology, limnology, population biology, and evolutionary biology.
Categories: Biology Plants: Agriculture and Forestry
Year :1997
Publisher : Birkhuser Basel
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 366[372]
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