F Is For Phony: Fake Documentary And Truth’S Undoing (Visible Evidence) [1ed.]0816642508, 9780816695416, 9780816642502, 0816642516, 9780816642519, 0816695415

Author : Alexandra Juhasz Juhasz, Jesse Lerner
Description:Fake documentaries mimic documentary genre expectations, unraveling the documentarys authority and dismantling understandings of identity, history, and nation. The interdisciplinary essays in F Is for Phony discuss a broad scope of works and explore issues raised by fake docs such as the fiction/documentary divide, the ethics of reality-based manipulation, and whether documentariness derives from form or reception. Defining the borderline between fact and fiction, the contributors reveal what fake documentaries imply and usually make explicit: that many documentaries lie to tell the truth, and that the truth is relative. Contributors: Steve Anderson, Catherine L. Benamou, Mitchell W. Block, Luis Bu?uel, Marlon Fuentes, Craig Hight, Charlie Keil, Alisa Lebow, Eve Oishi, Robert F. Reid-Pharr, Gregorio C. Rocha, Jane Roscoe, Catherine Russell, Elisabeth Subrin. Alexandra Juhasz is professor of media studies at Pitzer College. She is author of Women of Vision: Histories in Feminist Film and Video (Minnesota, 2001). Jesse Lerner is associate professor of media studies at Pitzer College.
Categories: Art Cinema
Year :2006
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 244[262]
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