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Author : Amos Vogel.
Description:The film experience -- The world view of subversive cinema -- Pt. 1. Weapons of subversion : the subversion of form. The revolutionary film avant-garde in Soviet Russia -- Aesthetic rebels and rebellious clowns. Expressionism: the cinema of unrest ; Surrealism: the cinema of shock ; Dada and Pop: anti-art? ; The comic tradition -- The destruction of time and space -- The destruction of plot and narrative -- The assault on montage -- The triumph and death of the moving camera. The camera moves ; Minimal cinema -- The devaluation of language -- Straining towards the limits. The elimination of reality ; The subversion of illusion ; The elimination of the image ; The elimination of the screen ; The elimination of the camera ; The elimination of the artist -- Pt. 2. Weapons of subversion : the subversion of content. International left and revolutionary cinema. The West: rebels, Maoists, and the new Goddard ; Subversion in Eastern Europe: Aesopian metaphors ; The Third World: a new cinema ; East Germany : against the West -- The terrible poetry of Nazi cinema -- Secrets and revelations --Pt. 3. Weapons of subversion : forbidden subjects of the cinema. The power of the visual taboo -- The attack on puritanism : nudity -- The end of sexual taboos : erotic and pornographic cinema -- The end of sexual taboos : homosexuality and other variants -- The first mystery : birth -- The ultimate secret : death. Death ; Concentration camps -- The attack on God : blasphemy and anti-clericalism -- Trance and witchcraft -- Pt. 4. Towards a new consciousness. Counterculture and avant-garde -- The subversion of subversion -- The eternal subversion.
Categories: Art Cinema
Year :1974
Publisher : Random House
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 336 p. : ill. ; 26 cm.[536]
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