Functional verification of programmable embedded architectures: a top-down approach [1ed.]9780387261430, 0-387-26143-5, 0387263993

Author : Prabhat Mishra, Nikil D. Dutt
Description:Validation of programmable architectures, consisting of processor cores, coprocessors, and memory subsystems, is one of the major bottlenecks in current System-on-Chip design methodology. A critical challenge in validation of such systems is the lack of a golden reference model. As a result, many existing validation techniques employ a bottom-up approach to design verification, where the functionality of an existing architecture is, in essence, reverse-engineered from its implementation. Traditional validation techniques employ different reference models depending on the abstraction level and verification task, resulting in potential inconsistencies between multiple reference models.This book presents a top-down validation methodology that complements the existing bottom-up approaches. It leverages the system architect's knowledge about the behavior of the design through architecture specification using an Architecture Description Language (ADL). The authors also address two fundamental challenges in functional verification: lack of a golden reference model, and lack of a comprehensive functional coverage metric.Functional Verification of Programmable Embedded Architectures: A Top-Down Approach is designed for students, researchers, CAD tool developers, designers, and managers interested in the development of tools, techniques and methodologies for system-level design, microprocessor validation, design space exploration and functional verification of embedded systems.
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :2005
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 186
File Info : pdf 9 Mb