Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

Author : Lu D.
Description:Dr. Dawei Lu & Ventus Publishing ApS, 2011. 112 p. ISBN: 9788776817985This book is based upon my 15 years of teaching experience gained through working in 6 different countries around world. Most of my courses on supply chain management were targeted at the master and executive levels, from which I have learned and enjoyed as much as my students do. The most important lesson I learned is that supply chain management is a dynamic and evolving subject. It is not a subject that just needs to be taught, but the one needs to be constantly developed. To certain extent, this book will hopefully contribute to such a development.Due to the constraints in the number of pages, this book will primarily focus on the fundamental principles of supply chain management. It will cover all the key conceptual areas with short business cases, but is limited in scope on management skill coaching. The book is particularly suitable for those readers who may have come across the subject anecdotally but have never studied it systematically.
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Language : English
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