General, Organic, and Biochemistry: Connecting Chemistry to Your Life , Second Edition [2nded.]0716743752, 9780716743750

Author : Ira Blei, George Odian
Description:General, Organic and Biochemistry is praised for the way it gives students the tools they need to develop a working understanding of chemical principlesrather than just asking them to memorize facts. The new edition brings forward the same clear explanations, quality problem-solving support, helpful pedagogy, and applications coverage, adding new features and content to make the text even more accessible, effective, and relevant to its student audience. In order to motivate and thoroughly prepare students, particular attention is paid to relating the chemistry concepts to the human body, health, nutrition, and other important areas important to the student audience. Available in three versions: General, Organic, and Biochemistry, Second Edition, 0-7167-4375-2A hardback text of 26 chapters. Organic and Biochemistry, Second Edition, 0-7167-7072-5A paperback text containing all organic and biochemistry chapters, plus two general chemistry chapters not included in the GOB version. An Introduction to General Chemistry, 0-7167-7073-3A paperback text containing all 10 general chemistry chapters.
Categories: Biology Biochemistry
Year :2005
Publisher : W. H. Freeman
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 886
File Info : pdf 22 Mb