Guitar Gods: The 25 Players Who Made Rock History978-0-313-35806-7

Author : Bob Gulla
Description:Guitar Gods: The 25 Players Who Made Rock History , : Guitar Gods: The 25 Players Who Made Rock History : Bob Gulla : Greenwood : 288 : PDF : 2.03 MB : : 2008Meet rock and roll's party crashers. They are the guitar-wielding heroes who came into an established musical framework, rearranged the furniture, tipped over a few chairs, and ditched - leaving the stragglers to pick up the pieces. Chuck Berry, for example, the first guitar player to jumpstart rock and roll, left audience eyeballs in spirals when he blasted them with his patented Chuck Berry intro, a clarion call that served as rock and roll's reveille. A few years later, Jimi Hendrix, inspired in part by Chuck, made a lasting impression on rock and roll in so many ways, leaving us all in a purple haze, and sending guitar players scurrying to take a new look at their instruments. The ripple-like effect of Hendrix continues to this day.Guitar Gods showcases the 25 players who made the greatest impact on rock and roll's long and winding history. All the players profiled in this book threw fans for a loop; their advancements in music left the genre in a different place than when they arrived.>> .com
Categories: Art Music: Guitar
Year :2008
Publisher : Greenwood
Language : English
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