Hierarchical Exotoxicology Mini SeriesBioinformatics for Geneticists [1st Ediiton]9780470843932, 0470-84393-4, 3-527-30541-6, 0470843942

Author : Michael R. Barnes, Ian C. Gray
Description:This timely book illustrates the value of bioinformatics, not simply as a set of tools but rather as a science increasingly essential to navigate and manage the host of information generated by genomics and the availability of completely sequenced genomes. Bioinformatics can be used at all stages of genetics research: to improve study design, to assist in candidate gene identification, to aid data interpretation and management and to shed light on the molecular pathology of disease-causing mutations. Written specifically for geneticists, this book explains the relevance of bioinformatics showing how it may be used to enhance genetic data mining and markedly improve genetic analysis.
Categories: Biology Genetics
Year :2003
Publisher : Wiley
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 403
File Info : pdf 11 Mb