Historical Dictionaries Of Literature And The ArtsHistorical Dictionary of Choral Music (Historical Dictionaries Of Literature And The Arts) 0810857510, 9780810857513, 9780810873926

Author : Melvin P. Unger
Description:The human voice an incredibly beautiful and expressive instrument, and when multiple voices are unified in tone and purpose a powerful statement is realized. No wonder people have always wanted to sing in a communal context-a desire apparently stemming from a deeply rooted human instinct. Consequently, choral performance has often been related historically to human rituals and ceremonies, especially rites of a religious nature.This Historical Dictionary of Choral Music examines choral music and practice in the Western world from the Medieval era to the 21st century, focusing mostly on familiar figures like Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, and Britten. But its scope is considerably broader, and it includes all sorts of music-religious, secular, and popular-from sources throughout the world. It contains a chronology, an introduction, a bibliography, and more than 1,000 cross-referenced dictionary entries on important composers, genres, conductors, institutions, styles, and technical terms of choral music.
Categories: Art Music
Year :2010
Publisher : Scarecrow Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 585
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