Histories of Maize: Multidisciplinary Approaches to the Prehistory, Linguistics, Biogeography, Domestication, and Evolution of Maize [1ed.]0123693640, 9780123693648

Author : John E. Staller, Robert H. Tykot, Bruce F. Benz
Description:Maize has been described as a primary catalyst to complex socio-cultural development in the Americas. State of the art research on maize chronology, molecular biology, and stable carbon isotope research on ancient human diets have provided additional lines of evidence on the changing role of maize through time and space and its spread throughout the Americas. The multidisciplinary evidence from the social and biological sciences presented in this volume have generated a much more complex picture of the economic, political, and religious significance of maize. The volume also includes ethnographic research on the uses and roles of maize in indigenous cultures and a linguistic section that includes chapters on indigenous folk taxonomies and the role and meaning of maize to the development of civilization. Histories of Maize is the most comprehensive reference source on the botanical, genetic, archaeological, and anthropological aspects of ancient maize published to date. This book will appeal to a varied audience, and have no titles competiting with it because of its breadth and scope. The volume offers a single source of high quality summary information unavailable elsewhere. It introduces the breadth of multidisciplinary research in the anthropological, archaeological, earth, and biological sciences. It reveals the cultural, religious, and economic significance of maize and goes beyond its role as a primary catalyst to complex sociocultural developments in Mesoamerica, North America and Andean South America. It provides new information about the importance of maize to pre-Hispanic diets. It enables readers to follow subjects and related topics through its organization. It enhances accessibility by means of a consistent article format and extensive index. It includes chapters on folk taxonomies of maize and linguistic information on it spread and significance to ancient religion, and economic, political and agricultural uses. It introduces state of the art methodologies and approaches to the identification of maize lineages and their spread and cultural significance in the Americas.
Categories: Biology Plants: Agriculture and Forestry
Year :2006
Publisher : Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 705
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