How Buildings Work. The Natural Order of Architecture [3rded.]9780739465905, 0739465902

Author : Edward Allen, David Swoboda
"""Description:Illustrated with hundreds of illuminating line drawings, this classic guide reveals virtually every secret of a building's function: how it stands up, keeps its occupants safe and comfortable, gets built, grows old, and dies-and why some buildings do this so much better than others.Drawing on things he's learned from the many buildings he himself designed (and in some cases built with his own hands), Edward Allen explains complex phenomena such as the role of the sun in heating buildings and the range of structural devices that are used for support, from trusses and bearing walls to post-tensioned concrete beams and corbeled vaults. He stresses the importance of intelligent design in dealing with such problems as overheating and overcooling, excessive energy use, leaky roofs and windows, fire safety, and noisy interiors. He serves up some surprises: thermal insulation is generally a better investment than solar collectors
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :2005
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 285
File Info : pdf 17 Mb