IET Circuits, Devices and Systems, volume 23Understandable Electric Circuits978-1-61583-692-5, 978-0-86341-952-2

Author : Meizhong Wang
Description:This book provides an understandable and effective introduction to the fundamentals of DC/AC circuits. It covers current, voltage, power, resistors, capacitors, inductors, impedance, admittance, dependent/independent sources, the basic circuit laws/rules (Ohms law, KVL/KCL, voltage/current divider rules), series/parallel and wye/delta circuits, methods of DC/AC analysis (branch current and mesh/mode analysis), the network theorems (superstition, Thevenins/Nortons theorems, maximum power transfer, Millmans and substitution theorems), transient analysis, RLC circuits and resonance, mutual inductance, transformers, and more.
Categories: Technology Electronics: Electronics
Year :2010
Publisher : Institution of Engineering and Technology
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 378[384]
File Info : pdf 4 Mb