Illustrated Building Pocket Book, Second Edition [2ed.]0750680156, 9780750680158, 9780080469508

Author : Roxanna McDonald Architect RIBA AA Dip Cons Grande Bretagne DAA/AL France
Description:Building and architecture has developed a language of its own, with terms and jargon that can confuse an expert let alone an outsider. Misunderstandings over what a word means can be irritating but unimportant, but could in the worst cases be costly or even dangerous.Traditional building dictionaries rely on the reader to already know what the correct word is, and thats not always the case. Roxanna McDonalds technique is radically different, and makes full use of the power of visual communication to convey information. Each stage of the building and design process is illustrated, and each hand-drawn illustration is carefully labelled with the relevant technical terms, to ensure that each term is used correctly and consistently by everyone working on a project.The Illustrated Building Pocket Book is a radical approach to the age-old problem of the ambiguous use of technical language in building and architecture. By using drawings - which leave little room for ambiguity - clarity, safety and certainty can be achieved.* Detailed hand-drawn images explain what terms mean and show how to use them* Logical progression though the building process* Avoid costly and dangerous misunderstandings about what is meant by building jargon
Categories: Technology Construction
Year :2006
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 253
File Info : pdf 8 Mb