Instant notesInstant notes animal biology [2nd ed]9781859963258, 0203441761, 1859963250, 0203427548, 9780203427545

Author : Richard Jurd
Description:Instant Notes titles focus on core information and are designed to help undergraduate students come to grips with a subject quickly and easily. Instant Notes in Animal Biology, Second Edition, is a student-friendly compendium of the essentials of animal biology. In four well-organized sections, the book reviews the Animal Kingdom, phylum by phylum; covers key coordinating principles; describes aspects of comparative physiology; and reviews reproductive physiology and developmental biology from birth through ageing. The new edition has been reviewed and updated and remains a concise, comprehensive overview of the field designed to provide accessible information in a format which is ideal for both ease of learning and rapid revision.
Categories: Biology Zoology
Year :2004
Publisher : Bios Scientific Publishers
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 313
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