Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural Biotechnology0851992323, 9780851992327

Author : F. H. Erbisch, K. M. Maredia
Description:During the last twenty years, biotechnology has revolutionized agricultural research. The enormous potential, together with a landmark decision by the US Supreme Court to allow the patenting of genetically-engineered organisms, has encouraged the private sector to invest heavily in research, resulting in the rapid growth of a multi-million dollar industry. These changes have influenced the way in which information and materials are exchanged and combined with developments in global agricultural research have resulted in a worldwide need for scientists to be educated in the implications of intellectual property rights. This book presents definitive information on intellectual property law in a simplified form (with a minimum of legal jargon) not available in other texts on the subject. The first section begins with an introductory chapter and goes on to consider diverse issues including protection, transference and capacity building, both at the national and institutional level. The second section consists of eleven country and regional case studies from around the world which track the international variation in intellectual property law and its application to agricultural biotechnology. The presentation is intended for both scientists and policy makers in industrialized and developing nations.
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :1998
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 240[241]
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