Intelligent Robotics and Autonomous AgentsBio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence: Theories, Methods, and Technologies0262062712, 9780262062718, 9781435677197

Author : Dario Floreano, Claudio Mattiussi
Description:A comprehensive introduction to new approaches in artificial intelligence and robotics that are inspired by self-organizing biological processes and structures. Concepts detailed in this text have become pillars of my thinking. Every year I purchase several textbooks to educate myself on topics that interest me. Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence balances delivering conceptual detail with real world integrated examples to aid in deep and successful comprehension of the topics. The text answers questions, informs and prompts one ask broader questions. Incredibly, it is actually very enjoyable to read; I think this may have to do with the good writing.
Categories: Technology Electronics: Robotics
Year :2008
Publisher :
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 659[674]
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