International Geophysics 57Magmatic Systems0126050708, 9780126050707

Author : Michael P. Ryan (Eds.)
Description:With its integrated and cohesive coverage of the current research, Magmatic Systems skillfully explores the physical processes, mechanics, and dynamics of volcanism. The text utilizes a synthesized perspective--theoretical, experimental, and observational--to address the powerful regulatory mechanisms controlling the movement of melts and cooling, with emphasis on mantle plumes, mid-ocean ridges, and intraplate magmatism. Further coverage of subduction zone magmatism includes:Fluid mechanics of mixed magma migrationInternal structure of active systemsGrain-scale melt flowRheology of partial meltsNumerical simulation of porous media melt migrationNonlinear (chaotic and fractal) processes in magma transportIn all, Magmatic Systems will prove invaluable reading to those in search of an interdisciplinary perspective on this active topic. Key Features* Fluid mechanics of magma migration from surface region to eruption site* Internal structure of active magmatic systems* Grain-scale melt flow in mantle plumes and beneath mid-ocean ridges* Physics of magmatic systems and magma dynamics
Categories: Physics Geophysics
Year :1994
Publisher : Elsevier, Academic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : iv-xxii, 1-401[427]
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