Introduction to Behavioral Economics [1ed.]0470596228, 9780470596227

Author : David R. Just
Description:Introduction to Behavioral Economics is focused on the broad principles of behavior, which are illustrated using real-world examples from experimental literature as well as experiential examples. Real-world examples are drawn from news items, historical accounts and the economics literature. Experimental examples are drawn from the economics literature. These examples are discussed providing explanatory figures and interpretations. With the rise of both behavioral finance and behavioral industrial organization, undergraduates now clamor for formal training and instruction in behavioral economics. Introduction to Behavioral Economics covers all the ways consumers and other economic agents behave in nonrational manner and prepares readers to make rational economic choices. This text provides experiments as a set of examples of the broader principles of behavior.
Categories: Business Marketing: Advertising
Year :2013
Publisher : Wiley
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 505[525]
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