Introduction to Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering1934015164, 9781934015162

Author : Nair A.J.
Description:Biotechnology is a rapidly-developing 21st century technology and interdisciplinary science that has already made an impact on commercial and non-commercial aspects of human life, such as stem cell research, cloning, pharmaceuticals, food and agriculture, bioenergetics, and information technology. This book, appropriate for novices in the biotechnology/genetics fi elds and also for engineering and biology students, covers all of the fundamental principles of these modern topics. It has been written in a very simple manner for self-study. In addition to the comprehensive coverage of the standard topics, such as cell growth and development, genetic principles (mapping, DNA, etc), protein structure, plant and animal cell cultures, and applications, the book includes up-to-date discussions of modern topics, e.g., medical advances, quality control, stem cell technology, genetic manipulation, patents, bioethics, and a brief review of mathematics. The accompanying CD-ROM provides simulations, fi gures, related Web sites, and numerous other resources. FEATURES*Contains up-to-date topics e.g., stem cell research, cloning, bioethics, and genetic engineering*Designed for the reader who does not have familiarity with biology or genetics *Contains practical applications of DNA, RNA, microbrial and plant cell cultures, etc.*Accompanied by a CD-ROM containing simulations, color fi gures, and numerous third-party resources*Includes an optional unit of appropriate mathematical topics for review*Separate instructor s CD available upon adoption as a textbook
Categories: Biology Biotechnology
Year :2008
Publisher : Infinity Science
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 812
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