Introduction to Continuum Mechanics [3ed.]9780750628945, 0-7506-2894-4

Author : W Michael Lai, Erhard Krempl, David Rubin
Description:Introduction to Continuum Mechanics is a recently updated and revised text which is perfect for either introductory courses in an undergraduate engineering curriculum or for a beginning graduate course. Continuum Mechanics studies the response of materials to different loading conditions. The concept of tensors is introduced through the idea of linear transformation in a self-contained chapter, and the interrelation of direct notation, indicial notation, and matrix operations is clearly presented. A wide range of idealized materials are considered through simple static and dynamic problems, and the book contains an abundance of illustrative examples of problems, many with solutions. Serves as either a introductory undergraduate course or a beginning graduate course textbook. Includes many problems with illustrations and answers.
Categories: Physics Mechanics
Year :1996
Publisher : Butterworth-Heinemann
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 571
File Info : pdf 16 Mb