Journal of Chromatography Library 42For Laboratory Analyses and On-Line Process Control0444428577, 9780444428578

Author : Georges Guiochon and Claude L. Guillemin (Eds.)
Description:Here is an invaluable new book on quantitative gas chromatography which explains how the method can - or should - be used for accurate and precise analysis. Gas chromatography is firmly established as one of the few major methods for the quantitative analysis of complex mixtures. It is fast, accurate and inexpensive, with a broad range of applications. It has however become very complex and involved: over 200 stationary phases, more than 10 detector principles and several very different column types are available from among the catalogs of over 100 manufacturers and major retailers. The progressive changes in the nature of gas chromatography have created new needs for information which are not satisfied by the literature presently available. This book provides a complete discussion of all the problems involved in the achievement of quantitative analysis by gas chromatography, whether in the research laboratory, in the routine analysis laboratory or in process control. For this reason the presentation of theoretical concepts has been limited to the essential, while extensive explanations have been devoted to the various steps involved in the derivation of precise and accurate data.
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Year :1988
Publisher : Elsevier Publishing Company
Language : English
N° Of Pages : iii-xii, 1-797[810]
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