Knowledge of the higher worlds and its attainment [3ed.]088010046X, 9780880100465

Author : Rudolf Steiner
"""Description:Discover true self-confidence. This book is a manual for the attainment of spiritual knowledge. It opens new perspectives on the essential tasks of life. This is a classic, tried and true edition of one of Rudolf Steiner's most essential works. In it Steiner spells out the necessary steps for what he calls the most appropriate inner path for modern Western seekers. Steiner begins by describing the necessary conditions we must strive for as we begin such a path. He goes on to explain the ""stages of initiation"" that one will encounter through diligent, patient practice. He speaks of the transformation of one's dream life, the continuity of consciousness, and other results of practice leading to spiritual initiation. Here is one of the most significant books of the twentieth century by one of its most profound and revolutionary thinkers. This is a work that has helped thousands of people achieve greater vision and effectiveness in life."""
Categories: Biology Anthropology
Year :1947
Publisher : Anthroposophic Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 179
File Info : pdf 3 Mb