Korean For Dummies [Pap/Com Bled.]9780470037188, 9780470407943, 0470037180

Author : Jungwook Hong, Wang Lee
"""Description:Just trying to get through three pages of chapter one was confusing. This isn't because it was a book on a language foriegn to me but because with the vowels the writers give three vouls that supposedly sound like the word ""wet"" but are spelled differently (oe, wae and we are the Korean vowels in question). These three vowels, just by quickly skimming through the rest of the book, are very imoprtant in learning how to pronounce. Another problem is that the ""oe"" which is initially explained to sound like wet is later described to sound like the ""o"" in ""hope."" Wet and hope have two totally different sounds and, thus, confusion insues. I find this short guide to the Korean language for beginners to be inconsistant from the start. I do find that the book has alot of references that are very helpful to gaining an understanding of the pace of both language and culture. The book allows the reader to gain vocabulary as the book is read in a very relaxed manner. If only the explinations gave me more confidence that I was learning to pronounce properly I would continue reading the book for more than the habits of the language but, instead, I am on Amazon to find another facilitator to my learning Korean (properly)."""
Categories: Linguistics Foreign
Year :2008
Publisher : Wiley Pub
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 387
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