Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1514Ergodic Theory and Related Topics III: Proceedings of the International Conference held in Gstrow, Germany, October 2227, 1990 [1ed.]9780387554440, 0-387-55444-0, 3540554440

Author : Christoph Bandt, Karsten Keller (auth.), Ulrich Krengel, Karin Richter, Volker Warstat (eds.)
Description:The purpose of the conference was to represent recent developments in measure theoretic, differentiable and topological dynamical systems as well as connections to probability theory, stochastic processes, operator theory and statistical physics. Only original research papers that do not appear elsewhere are included in the proceedings. Their topics include: C(2)-diffeomorphisms of compact Riemann manifolds, geodesic flows, chaotic behaviour in billards, nonlinear ergodic theory, central limit theorems for subadditive processes, Hausdorff measures for parabolic rational maps, Markov operators, periods of cycles, Julia sets, ergodic theorems. From the Contents: L.A. Bunimovich: On absolutely focusing mirrors.- M. Denker, M. Urbanski: The dichotomy of Hausdorff measures and equilibrium states for parabolic rational maps.- F. Ledrappier: Ergodic properties of the stable foliations.- U. Wacker: Invariance principles and central limit theorems for nonadditive stationary processes.- J. Schmeling, R. Siegmund-Schultze: Hoelder continuity of the holonomy map for hyperbolic basic sets.- A.M. Blokh: The spectral decomposition, periods of cycles and Misiurewicz conjecture for graph maps.- and contributions by Chr. Bandt and K. Keller, T. Bogenschutz andH. Crauel, H.G. Bothe, M. Denker and K.F. Kramer, T.P. Hill and U. Krengel, A. Iwanik, Z.S. Kowalski, E. Lesigne, J. Malczak, I. Mizera, J. Sipos, R. Wittmann.
Categories: Mathematics Lectures
Year :1992
Publisher : Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg
Language : English
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