Logistics Systems Analysis [4thed.]9783540239147, 3-540-23914-6, 3540239146

Author : Carlos F. Daganzo
Description:This book describes how to plan and design efficient logistics systems considering simultaneously all integral aspects of their operation, and how to evaluate economically existing or proposed systems. The approach, more physical than mathematical, requires little data. Building on an understanding of the simplest logistics system with only one origin and one destination, the book treats problems with many origins and one destination, many destinations and one origin, and many origins and many destinations; this is done for systems with and without transhipments. The methodologies presented in the book are particularly useful when decisions have to be made with incomplete or uncertain information; e.g., when evaluating a business plan, or designing a system for a long time horizon. This expanded edition includes new research results and numerous modifications to enhance comprehensiveness and clarity. It has two new sections, a new appendix, and more than half a dozen new figures.
Categories: Business Logistics
Year :1996
Publisher : Springer
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 310
File Info : pdf 5 Mb