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Author : Nick Rudkin
Description:Machine Woodworking provides students with all the basic information needed to reach NVQ level II in wood machining. It covers calculations, timber science, and all the relevant machines, and is completed by five simple workshop projects which can be used to practice and test the necessary skills. The use of each machine is explained, with ample diagrams and photographs where appropriate, and each section is rounded off with the relevant regulations and additional multiple-choice questions to test understanding.ContentsAcknowledgementsIntroduction ixCircular sawing machines 1l.l Circular rip saw construction 11.2 Using a circular rip saw 51.3 Cross-cut saw construction 91.4 Using a cross-cut saw 141.5 Dimension saw construction 17Self-assessmentCrossword puzzle2 Bandsawing machines2.1 Band resaw 252.2 Narrow bandsaw construction 302.3 Using a narrow band saw 34Self-assessmentCrossword puzzle 383 Planing machines 393.1 Surface planer 393.2 Using a surface planer 463.3 Thickness planer 573.4 Using a thickness planer 63Self-assessment 67Crossword puzzle 684 Jointing machines 694.1 Hollow chisel morticer 694.2 Using a hollow chisel morticer 754.3 Single-ended tenoner 78Self-assessment 96Crossword puzzle 975. Vertical spindle moulder 995.1 Vertical spindle moulder construction 995.2 Using a vertical spindle moulder 108Self-assessment 118Crossword puzzle 1196 Sanding machines 1216.1 Introduction 1216.2 Wide belt sander 1216.3 Disc sander 1286.4 Unisher 128Self-assessment 129Crossword puzzle 1307 Waste extraction 1317.1 Problem 1317.2 Types of extraction 1328 Machine maintenance 1378.1 Importance of maintenance and lubrication 1378.2 Lubrication 1378.3 Servicing machinery 1439 Calculations 1479.l. Trade calculations 1479.2 Applying calculations to realistic situations 151Answers to self-assessment multiple choice questions 157Index 161
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Year :1998
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