Mammals of South America. Volume 1. Marsupials, Xenarthrans, Shrews, and Bats [Volume 1]0226282406, 1615141312111, 9780226282404

Author : Alfred L. Gardner
Description:Written by well-respected researchers, this first volume in the series treats the marsupials (such mouse oppossums), xenarthrans (such as armadillos and sloths), shrews and bats. For each species, synonyms are provided, there's a text description of the distribution, and marginal localities are given. Natural history synopses are given for some species, but are not yet known for others. The indexing and gazetteer are excellent. The literature cited section is exhaustive and valuable in its own right. This is an especially important scientific contribution, as so many species approach extinction.
Categories: Biology Zoology
Year :2008
Publisher : University Of Chicago Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 690
File Info : pdf 12 Mb