Managing a Modern Hospital [Second Edition]0761936297, 9780761936299, 9788132100034

Author : A. V. Srinivasan
"""Description:Health care has become one of India's fastest growing sectors in the past decade. A multitude of private players have entered this market, combining to offer high-quality health care and service in world-class hospitals and nursing homes all over India. It has been recognised that a professional approach to hospital administration and better resource allocation will go a long way to ensure both quality and cost-effectiveness in health care in India. The second edition of this successful book contains a well-planned collection of writings on modern hospital management. Revised and updated, it also contains two new chapters that discuss and highlight new developments in this field. The book spans a wide range of issues in modern hospital management, and provides all the necessary knowledge required to set up and run a modern-day hospital efficiently and as an economically viable business. The book also looks at "" Customer experience management "" Computer-aided diagnosis "" Waste management "" Financial management "" Maintaining medical records "" Medical audits "" Managing human resources"""
Categories: Business Management: Project Management
Year :2008
Publisher : Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 392
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