Managing Forest Ecosystems 23Continuous Cover Forestry [2ed.]940072201X, 9789400722019

Author : Jean-Philippe Schtz, Timo Pukkala, Pablo J. Donoso (auth.), Timo Pukkala, Klaus von Gadow (eds.)
Description:Although the majority of the worlds forest ecosystems are dominated by uneven-sized multi-species stands, forest management practice and theory has focused on the development of plantation monocultures to maximize the supply of timber at low cost. Societal expectations are changing, however, and uneven-aged multi-species ecosystems, selectively managed as Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF), are often believed to be superior to monocultures in addressing a wide range of expectations. This book presents methods which are relevant to CCF management and planning: analysing forest structures, silvicultural and planning, economic evaluation, based on examples in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America.
Categories: Biology Plants: Agriculture and Forestry
Year :2012
Publisher : Springer Netherlands
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 296[305]
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