Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion9781847191663, 1847191665

Author : David J Murphy
"""Description:Simple project management for software development. Managing software development projects simplyConfiguring a project management serverInstalling, configuring, and using TracInstalling and using SubversionIn Detail Trac is a minimalistic open-source enhanced wiki and bug/issue tracking system for software development projects, designed to help developers while staying out of the way and provides an interface to Subversion. Subversion is an open-source version control system that addresses many of the perceived deficiencies of CVS and can use WebDAV for network communications, and the Apache web server to provide repository-side network service. This book presents a simple set of processes and practices that allow you to manage these projects using open-source software without getting in the way by imposing as little as possible on established development practices and policies. This book looks at what is needed to manage software development projects, how web-based software project management system Trac and open-source revision control system Subversion meet these needs, and how to install, configure, and use them. What you will learn from this book? The basics of Trac and SubversionInstalling Trac and Subversion on Microsoft Windows and LinuxCreating a Subversion repositoryCreating a Trac project environmentHow to make Documentation easy using Trac and SubversionHow to customize your projectVersion Control in TracApproach This book combines theory with practical knowledge of how Trac and Subversion can help us to achieve the process of managing the software development. Who this book is written for? This book is aimed at developers of all calibres, but particularly those that lead teams or projects, especially if they have recently moved into the role or are simply looking for a ""better way""."""
Categories: Business Management: Project Management
Year :2007
Publisher : Packt Publishing
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 116
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