Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations [3ed.]978-0136049968

Author : Jakki Mohr, Sanjit Sengupta, Stanley Slater
Description:The past few years have seen significant challenges including soaring fuel and food costs, climate change, ongoing poverty and human needs in developing countries, and an unstable global political environment. Solving these pressing problems requires a multifaceted approach, with a key aspect being the development of new technologies. New and established high-tech companies alike are offering revolutionary solutions for transportation and efficient energy generation. Social entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes are pioneering new products and business models, even for base-of-the-pyramid markets (comprised of individuals who have low disposable incomes). Driving companies' business strategies is an increasing focus on the triple bottom line of people, profits, and planet. While the challenges are certainly daunting, it is an exciting time to be in tech!
Categories: Business Marketing
Year :2009
Publisher : Prentice Hall
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 569
File Info : pdf 6 Mb