Mastering Digital SLR Photography [2nd ed]1598634011, 9781598634013, 9781598636192

Author : David D.(David D. Busch) Busch
"""Description:This is quite a heavy read, but David Busch has done a great job of explaining complex issues in easy to comprehend terms. In this book, he refuses to gloss over any details and consequently arms the reader with a deep understanding of photography's ""first principles"". One minor criticism would be that this is a very long book. That may be an inevitable consequence of covering so much ground in such detail, but at times I felt he might have shortened some of the sections without losing any of the insight. Nevertheless, this was a great introduction for me and whetted my appetite to experiment and to try to develop some photography skills. If you want a much simpler table of settings for different needs, try Scott Kelby's digital photography books. If you want a detailed understanding of the concepts behind those settings, read this."""
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2008
Publisher : Thomson Course Technology
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 345
File Info : pdf 20 Mb