Mastering Purchasing Management for Inbound Supply Chains [1ed.]1420086197, 9781420086195, 9781420086201

Author : Thomas A. Cook
Description:Importing finished products, components, and raw materials has become the status quo in todays increasingly competitive business landscape. The lessons of inbound supply, however, can be very costly if learned through a trial-and-error approachespecially foreign purchasing. By not understanding the parameters of landed costs alone, purchasing managers can cause serious and expensive disruptions to their supply chain. Leaving little to chance, Mastering Purchasing Management for Inbound Supply Chains details the fundamentals regarding logistics and compliance. It emphasizes the importance of bonded warehouses and cost modeling and presents case studies from a wide range of industries that illustrate best practices in imports, logistics, and landed cost modeling. International trade expert Thomas Cook provides valuable insights for avoiding common foreign trade zone pitfalls. He also explains the best ways to handle and minimize landed costs, including duties, shipping costs, and transfer pricing. This comprehensive purchasing guide covers the potential risks and complications involved with U.S. Customs (CBP), freight, INCO terms, and title and payment issues. Complete with a multitude of references to additional information in print and on the Web, the text provides the well-rounded understanding needed to avoid costly mistakes and make purchasing one of the strongest links in your global supply chain.
Categories: Business Logistics
Year :2010
Publisher : CRC Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 406
File Info : pdf 2 Mb