Masters SeriesThe Best of Teen and Senior Portrait Photography: Techniques and Images from the Pros 1584281111, 9781584281115

Author : Bill Hurter
Description:Seniors and teens are an age group in transition. They often have boyfriends or girlfriends and are thinking about college or career, and theyre often thinking about leaving home, all of which can make for a very confusing time of life. A portrait made at this stage of their lives is a valuable heirloom because they will never look or act quite like this again. School Dress Code.The basic requirements for all yearbook por-traits are very similar. No matter what kind or type of clothing the high school requires, it must be within school dress code. There is also a code that applies to hair, facial hair, jewelry, piercings, length of shorts, height of socks, and so on. Clothing may not have offensive or gang-related logos, and may not feature alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or other illegal (for minors) substances. Girls tops cannot be revealing, see-through, or low cut. Hats cannot be worn in most yearbook photosthis includes the cap and gown, fashionable hats, and cowboy or baseball hats. These rules are set forth by the school to represent the look they feel appropriately repre-sents their students and parents.
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Year :2003
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