Mechanics and Meaning in Architecture9780816634767, 0816634769, 0816634777

Author : Lance Lavine
"""Description:Architecture An exploration of technology's role in architecture and, in turn, humanity's understanding of nature. In Mechanics and Meaning in Architecture, Lance LaVine shows that in architecture, as practiced and taught today, the technological aspect of the profession-how weight is distributed, how heat flow is regulated, and how light is permitted to enter-has been ceded to engineers and other technical specialists. And in doing so, he argues, architects have lost sight of one of architecture's most important purposes, that of providing a literal and figurative window onto the world. As a technology of habitation, architecture should provide people with both a practical and a metaphorical understanding of their relationship with nature. For LaVine, this knowledge emanates from a sensual understanding of the natural world as a ""felt force."" At its most basic level, architecture demands an understanding of and response to the natural forces of gravity, climate, and sunlight. At the center of Mechanics and Meaning in Architecture are case studies of four very different houses: a Finnish log farmhouse from the nineteenth century
Categories: Art Design: Architecture
Year :2001
Publisher : University of Minnesota Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 230
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