Medical Statistics from A to Z: A Guide for Clinicians and Medical Students [2ed.]9780511544453, 0521867630, 0521687187, 0511544456, 9780521687188, 9780521867634

Author : B. S. Everitt
Description:From 'Abcissa' to 'Zygosity determination' - this accessible introduction to the terminology of medical statistics describes more than 1500 terms all clearly explained, illustrated and defined in non-technical language, without any mathematical formulae! With the majority of terms revised and updated and the addition of more than 100 brand new definitions, this new edition will enable medical students to quickly grasp the meaning of any of the statistical terms they encounter when reading the medical literature. Furthermore, annotated comments are used judiciously to warn the unwary of some of the common pitfalls that accompany some cherished biomedical statistical techniques. Wherever possible, the definitions are supplemented with a reference to further reading where the reader may gain a deeper insight, so whilst the definitions are easily disgestible, they also provide a stepping stone to a more sophisticated comprehension. Statistical terminology can be quite bewildering for clinicians: this guide will be a lifesaver.
Categories: Biology Biostatistics
Year :2007
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Language : English
N° Of Pages : 256[257]
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