Medium and Large Format Photography: Moving Beyond 35mm for Better Pictures9780817445577, 0817445579

Author : Roger Hicks, Frances Schultz
"""Description:The status of this book is unknown: It's not a technical book, it's not an equipment guide, it's not a photography book neither... Reading it is just having a conversation with the authors you met in a street cafe. They talk to you for 2 hours, they show you your equipment and say ""you have to move beyond 35mm for better pictures"" and they leave. But you're not convinced... Why? The most important reason is: The pictures in this book are awful. Maybe 2 or 3 are aesthetically OK, but the rest is just mediocre. When you see them, you say ""If I'll have photos like these, why to buy medium or large format equipment?"". It seems like the authors like travelling from time to time, and when you see the pictures they made aronud the world, you say ""well they spent their money for nothing"", the photos are so uninteresting. The second reason: Technically, the book is near to level zero. Even the camera movements, which are the main advantage of large format, are not really explained. All you can find in this book is a couple of tips and tricks, if you already know someting about the topic. Why I wrote this review? BECAUSE I WANTED TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YOU MUST MAKE MEDIUM OR LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPHY. Believe me, it worths. When you print your first pictures from a 2 x 3 negative, you understand why. When the camera movements allow you to play with depth of field, sharpness etc, you understand how much you were limited with 35mm or digital. GO TO MEDIUM OR LARGE FORMAT, YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. THE 2ND HAND EQUIPMENT PRICES ARE SO LOW NOW THAT YOU CAN OFFER YOURSELF SUPER CAMERAS! GO, AND TRY! But not with this book... No."""
Categories: Art Photo
Year :2001
Publisher : Amphoto Books
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 162
File Info : pdf 11 Mb