Memories of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David Koresh’s Mother1932792988, 9781932792980, 9781602580886

Author : Bonnie Haldeman, Catherine Wessinger
Description:The 1995 event at Mt. Carmel shocked all of America and has since spawned a plethora of books regarding the ''truth'' about the Branch Davidians. Memories of the Branch Davidians is the story told from the inside. The oral history of Bonnie Haldeman, the mother of Vernon Howell (David Koresh), it offers an intimate, first-hand account of how a boy named Vernon Howell became David Koresh. Haldeman paints a picture of Koresh that could only be told by one who knew both his greatest strengths and his deepest faults.
Categories: Art Graphic Arts
Year :2007
Publisher : Baylor University Press
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 254
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