Mental Health and Well-Being in Animals [1st ed]9780813804897, 0813804892

Author : Franklin D. McMillan
Description:This is the first text book dedicated to mental health and well-being in animals. Its diverse topics include: animal thinking, emotions, pleasure, suffering, boredom, stress/distress, mental illness and their treatment (with and without drugs), and environmental enrichment, and happiness. It will be of interest to workers in zoos, farms, and laboratories, and anyone with a scholarly interest in animal behavior. What most distinguishes this book from any before it is that large sections are devoted to positive feelings in animals. One chapter presents evidence from rigorous scientific studies showing that animals' decisions are mediated by the prospect of pleasurable feelings. Another examines the concept of quality of life (QOL) for animals, and asks: Do animals experience true happiness? With all the attention given animal pain and suffering (and rightly so), it is high time science began to address positive elements in animals' experience of their worlds, and this volume is a welcome prod in that direction. As this important volume shows, we already have the know-how to make meaningful and substantive positive changes to the living environments of animals in laboratories, farms, zoos, and homes. The question is not what we should be doing so much as how do we get it done? Thanks in part to books like this, acknowledging animals as thinking individuals with intrinsic worth may someday be rightfully recognized as a critical turning-point in human cultural evolution.
Categories: Biology Zoology
Year :2005
Publisher : Blackwell Pub
Language : English
N° Of Pages : 320
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